Poetry All Year

Poetry isn't as boring as you remember!  Our poetry group certainly isn't boring!  Join us every month on the last Tuesday at 6:30pm as we take a fresh look at the work of poets from around the globe.  Look above for links to the poems we have explored in the past. 

July 30 - Robert Frost

August 27 - Rainer Maria Rilke

Have you always wanted to join a poetry discussion group?

A. Yes!
B. Maybe?
C. Yes, right after I finish cleaning the grout on my kitchen floor.
D. Um.  No.  Never.

If you answered A, B, C, or D to the above question, we have the perfect group for you!

Join us for a fresh perspective on poetry.  

We'll also talk about why poetry is beautiful and accessible and radical and restful and transformative and complex and simple and timeless and frightening, and, most of all, why it is for ALL OF US.   Register here.